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28/04/2017 · How to perform the 5000 mile maintenance on a Harley-Davidson Road King. Check out our new Amazon list of items we use and recommend to others for their vehi. 14/10/2016 · I took Amber in for her 5000 mile service and test rode a street bob. You found the FAQ: What Is Included in 5000 Mile Service?. We hope to see you at Magic Toyota in the near future! Harley-Davidson's recommended 5,000-mile maintenance service consists of changing fluids, replacing or adjusting some parts and lubricating others. Other parts and systems are inspected, and adjusted or replaced as necessary. Once a technician completes the service, the motorcycle is road tested. The average cost for a 5,000 mile service is between $94 and $123. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $34 while parts are priced between $68 and $89. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type.

16/09/2017 · I used to go in for service religiously every 5000 miles. can't hurt right?. But with this last car I asked the salesperson about service intervals and he said that they only choose the 5000 mile interval because tire rotation is supposed to occur every 10000 so that makes calculation easy. Harley-Davidson ® 5,000 Mile Maintenance • Change engine oil & oil filter. • Inspect air cleaner and service as required. • Clean tappet oil screen. • Change primary chaincase lubricant and clean magnetic drain plug. • Check clutch adjustment. • Change. 19/08/2014 · I called the dealer the other day to see what it cost for service on my 2012 softail classic, they said $388.00 for the 5000 mile service. I can change the oil, trans fluid as well as the primary fluid for about $88.00 Is the rest of what they do worth $300.00. 10/03/2011 · I checked with the dealer about the 5000 mile service on my 2010 street glide and was told $280.00. Then I checked to see exactly what was done and it sounds like a $280 oil change to me.

13/09/2015 · Service Mgr told me on the 5000 mile service they wanted the compression checked? If one was 100 and didn't know it, then we'd know there was a problem. But I hear what you are saying, but it this case it depends on the machine and mfg. 5000 mile service -- do it at the dealer?. I do know from my research on this sub that the first needed maintenance is an oil change at around 5000 miles. The dealer offers the following 5000 mile service for $79.95: Replace engine oil and filter. Rotate tires. Inspect brake fluid level. 24/05/2018 · Just got home from having the 5K mile service done at my local dealer. It was a tad pricey $308.27 OTD but they seem to be very thorough. No issues coming or going but good to know everything is up to spec. I brought the bike home 7 weeks ago and in the ensuing 49 days I rode it 4,912 miles.

10/10/2008 · From a warranty point of view, all you need at this time is to have the engine oil and oil filter changed. Any other service activities including tire rotation are strictly optional. If you decide to pay for tire rotation, I suggest you rotate after the first 5K miles, then subsequently rotate at 10K mile. 06/01/2014 · Took in to local Toyota dealership for the 5,000 mile service. Most of what is done is check this or check that. Did have them replace oil/filter & opted to pay now vs using the 10,000 mile service. 60,000-Mile Service At 60,000 miles, the 30,000-mile service should be repeated with one additional replacement, the timing belt. The timing belt runs critical internal engine components specifically cams and valves and can cause serious damage to the engine if it breaks, so be careful not to overlook this easy-to-miss item.

13/05/2007 · Oil change at GO Toyota & Scion here in Colorado is $31.95 plus tax and waste fees, usually around $35. We have a great service advisor that only charges us $14.00 for it though. Just got my 5,000 mile service done and it was $95. Don't really care about the price as money isn't an issue, if I really cared I'd do it myself. 23/03/2010 · 07 XL service manual calls for 10,000 on the trans which is the primary on a XL, it does call for a clutch adjustment & primary chain adjustment at 5,000, but it is smart to change the engine & trans annually. I would take it out and put a quick 400 or 500 mile on it and do the change while it's hot.

18/06/2014 · My bike has just over 5,000 miles. I stopped in the dealer today to see how much the 5,000 mile service would be. I told him I did my own fluid changes I just changed oil to Mobil One V-Twin, tranny to Spectro Platinum 6-Speed, and the primary was changed at the 1,000 mile service. 14/06/2014 · The closest dealer to me is the new Indian dealership in Lakeland Florida. I just called them to price the 5,000 mile service and they quoted me $320. Well I'm not paying that. I've worked on my own bikes all my life, I did the 500 service myself and also adjusted the clutch and the belts, etc. I rigged out my own sissy bar and luggage rack.

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